Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 2

You know the definition of character?  Hyrum W. Smith says:
Character is the ability to carry out a worthy decision after the emotion of making that decision has passed.
So, the question is, do I have the character to carry out my decision to become a better quilt maker?  I guess we'll see.  As my mom used to say, "You'll just have to hide 'n' watch!"

So, in addition to trying to work through the Quilter's Academy books, I am also going to work on my machine quilting skills.

I'm making a commitment to quilt through Harriet's quilting exercises (found on pages 122 and 123 and 158 of Heirloom Machine Quilting) every day for the next 30 days.  Yesterday was day one (since we did them in class) and today is day two.

I plan to keep them all, so I can look back and see how much progress I make.  I would encourage you all to do that as well.  If you would like to get better at machine quilting, why don't you join me?  Even if you only do it a couple of times a week, I promise you'll see improvement.  I couldn't BELIEVE how much improvement I say in only two days of class!

Just make up some 14" quilt sandwiches and make a commitment to quilt

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