Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Doin' Quilts the Hargrave Way

I'm working on the first clue of Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt.

It's actually designed to be cut from scraps, but I'm cutting it from fat quarters, so I am tearing the edge of each fat quarter and cutting 2" strips from them, measuring them when the first two strips are sewn together and then correcting what needs to be corrected and adding the third strip.

It's slow going, BUT, I know that when I go to put these little units into the quilt, they will fit perfectly and that makes it all worth while.

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  1. Tamera,

    Don't you just LOVE Bonnie Hunter ?

    I just got 4 quilts in to quilt so far in January, and an email for 2 more, so, so far, I am one quilt more than days in the year.... and usually this ( Jan and Feb) are a slow time of year ! anyway... I am telling you this because TWO of the quilts from 2 different people, from 2 different towns brought me a scrap quilt ( not a Quiltville one though...), but they are using the same scrap quilt pattern... and I thought that was really cool. It happens to be my favorite pattern, altho I have not had the time to make one yet ! I had found the pattern in a magazine, and told the gal at the Valley City quilt store ( who was doing a scrap class) and she taught a class on this quilt. So one of the gals was from that class, and the other gal is a previous quilting customer of mine that I explained the pattern to. Anyway, I will probably blog about them soon, and you might be interested in the pattern, especially if you like Bonnie Hunter's patterns....

    anyway, I ramble....

    Have a great day and stay warm ! I look forward to reading more about your quilting and farm !



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