Friday, November 12, 2010

Hang Head in Shame Here

OK, I have to 'fess up!  I didn't get my quilting practice done yesterday.

I got so focused on finishing up another project that I didn't take the time for quilting practice...MY BAD!

Anyway, I used the excuse that I would have to move my machine (10 WHOLE FEET) to my hubby's desk because when I FMQ (free motion quilt) on the table that my machine sits on now, it almost vibrates right off the table!


I got an email that my table already shipped!  WooHoo!  If I understand correctly, the insert will ship separately and that will take a few weeks, but at least the table will be here in a few days.

I decided to try and fit my Bernina into my Janome table until the new table comes...Not the best of fits, but I think I can make it work on a temporary basis.

So, now I'm off to see what happens when I FMQ with my Bernina while it's in my Janome table.  I guess I'll just have to practice twice as long!

Have a quilty day!

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